At Espinosa Family Dental, we offer a full range of general dentistry services to help you maintain exceptional oral hygiene and a beautiful smile you can be proud of. In addition to our expert preventative care such as regular cleanings and check-ups, we also perform more complex dental procedures like fillings, crowns, and root canals.

How do I maintain good oral health?
There are three main components to maintaining good oral health: brushing your teeth, flossing around your teeth and gums, and using a mouthwash. When choosing a toothbrush, we recommend selecting a brush with soft bristles (unless recommended otherwise by your dentist) as to not weaken your enamel with a medium-bristled brush.

What happens during a regular dental cleaning?
Known as dental prophylaxis or a prophy, a regularly scheduled dental cleaning ensures that your teeth are healthy as can be by removing any plaque or tartar buildup. A hygienist begins by conducting a visual exam of your gums and teeth. With the use of a small mirror, the hygienist inspects each of your teeth and then uses a scaling tool to clean the teeth one by one. A dental cleaning is not generally painful but may cause mild discomfort for some patients due to the scraping that’s required to complete the procedure.

As a primary dental care provider, we’re focused on providing only the best possible care to help our patients have a healthy smile they can be confident in.
Our dental services include:

  • Routine cleanings and exams
  • Preventive care and education
  • Teeth whitening and fluoride treatments
  • Cavity fillings and cleanings
  • Emergency dentistry
  • Pediatric and family dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry and tooth replacements
  • Orthodontics and teeth straightening
  • TMJ dental treatment
  • And so much more!

At Espinosa Family Dental , you’re in the best of hands for all your general dentistry needs. For more information on general dentistry or to request an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (262) 673-2288.